Friday, 7 December 2012

How to Make Ice Cream without Eggs

I can't believe what an eejit I am.  I've been making ice cream ("stringent testing" you understand) thinking about ice cream, eating ice cream and writing about it and yet it never occurred to me what a bonus it is that the recipe I propound in " Lush Ice Cream without a Machine" Doesn't Use Eggs.  A friend who was reading my book said, and I quote ...

"We are delighted because William can't have ice cream with eggs in it so
this gives us lots of options".

Brilliant, I wish I'd noticed that useful aspect of the easy, flexible recipe I am so pleased with before I published the book!    

Cream for Ice Cream

A few people have asked me how much they should whisk the cream when making ice cream so here is a picture of the ideal texture ...

A little too much whipping and the cream will be unworkably thick, a lot too much and it will turn to butter!  Useful but no good for ice cream.