Sudden Lunch!

This blog was the inspiration for my book "The Leftovers Handbook"

Inexplicably lunch is my Favourite Meal of the Day and nearly every lunchtime I remark to anyone who is interested (surprisingly few people are) how delicious my food is.

A few years ago I started playing a game; I refuse to plan ahead but when it’s almost lunchtime I start mentally scanning the fridge and cupboards to see what there is and what might need using up (I cannot abide waste, my dears, and keep every little scrap). I then combine my finds in a delicious way and eat them! Cunning. 

Every day that I have a lovely lunch (sometimes its just not possible) I take a picture, write about it and see if I can find anyone who is interested and, happily, so far about 13,000 people a month have been.  Of course I do blog about other things too; Cornwall (where I live), the Caribbean (where I used to live, miss lots and sometimes visit), food matters in general, book reviews, good ideas etc.  Have a look and see what you think of it ...