Magazine Articles

I have had several articles published in Vegetarian Living (although I am not a vegetarian  I do consider meat to be just another ingredient that may or may not be part of a meal)  ...

"Use Your Loaf" Vegetarian Living

View in PDF here
"10 Delicious Ways with Polenta"

View in PDF here
"10 Tasty Tear and Share Loaves" 
View in PDF here
"Because Summer Means Ice Cream" 

PDF here
Ital Food for Natural Livity" 

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I got some great feedback on this one ...

"Mrs. Beeton's Vegetarian Cooking" 

... and the PDF is here
"Food for Thought" - Mensa Magazine (yep, you wouldn't think it but I'm a member!)

You will see that these have somewhat tailed off recently but I have two excellent excuses, I mean reasons ...

1.     We have been very busy in the last 18 months or so nursing a couple of family members, and
2.      I have been very busy writing not one but two books; "Lush Ice Cream without  Machine" just published as an eBook on Amazon and "The Leftovers Handbook" due to be published in spring of 2013, so long as the end of the World doesn't intervene.