Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Easy Festive Food

… for a Relaxing Christmas

I’ve just published this eBooklet on Amazon.  As I say in the intro, Christmas catering can be time consuming, tiring and a bit stressy, so I thought I’d offer some suggestions to make it quicker, easier, more relaxed and perhaps more impressive! This eBooklet contains a collection of quick ideas and recipesI have used over the years to impress guests and customers without knackering myself!

The booklet contains over 20 (it’s 24 actually but it seems people always say over something!) recipes which can either be made well in advance or are almost instant.  They are …

~   Mulled Wine Syrup – really useful!
~   Moose Milk
~   Simple Cook from Frozen Cheese Straws
~   Lemon & Spice Marinated Shrimp
~   Smoked Trout Rillettes
~   The Quickest, Easiest, Smoothest and Richest Chicken Liver Pâté I know
~   Roasted Garlic with a Creamy Goat Cheese Concoction
~   Fruity Red Cabbage
~   Carrot & Parsnip Purée
~   Roast Butternut Wedges
~   Luxurious Bread Sauce
~   Simple Homemade Stuffing Recipe
~   Chunky Homemade Cranberry Sauce
~   Rather Special Mulled Cranberry Sauce
~   Little Pots of Chocky Ganache 
~   Caramel Cream
~   Affogato
~   Stock with a bonus!
~   Turkey Soup – inevitably!
~   Brandy Butter
~   Christmas Pud Pudding
~   The Best Christmas Pudding Ice Cream
~   Sticky Stollen Thing
~   Christmas Tiffin

In addition are guidelines for the turkey, roast potatoes etc. and lots of ideas and suggestions that don’t quite qualify as recipes but are worth knowing.

The book is sub-divided into two sections; food for the “Big Dinner” and “Boxing Day and Thereafter” (ie. what to do with the leftovers; my favourite ingredients.)

Yule be glad you read it!