Friday, 6 February 2015

What do you actually know about Aphrodisiacs?

Right, time to get this poor neglected blog back into the limelight (ish).  A while ago I published a little ebook of aphrodisiacs and here is a quiz, just for fun, based on that volume! Don’t worry if you haven’t read it, you can do that later!  Here goes ...

1.   Which nut did the writer Colette spurn because she thought that“they add weight to the breasts"?

~    Brazil nuts
~    Almonds
~    Cobnuts
~    Walnuts

2.   What do Hindus traditionally leave on the doorstep to indicates that a marriage is about to take place?

               ~    A handful of rice
               ~    A banana
               ~    A jar of honey
               ~    A coconut

3.   And which food do the Amish traditionally associate with weddings?

               ~    Carrots
               ~    Sauerkraut
               ~    Celery
               ~    Candy

4.   What did Casanova say could “restore an old love and ... ripen a young one.”?

~    Champagne
~    Cheese
~    Chocolate
~    Something else starting 
       with Ch

5.   Who wrote a rather naughty Poem called “Figs”?

     ~    Philip Larkin
     ~    Oscar Wilde
     ~    D.H. Lawrence
     ~   Allen Ginsberg

6.   Ginger derives its name from a Sanskrit word, srngaveram, meaning …

               ~    Healing root
               ~    Horn-shaped
               ~    Tickling stick
               ~    Sweet heat

7.   Who said this?

~    Benjamin Franklin
~    Mark Twain
Walt Whitman
Henry David Thoreau

8.   What is held to be the ideal length for a vanilla pod?

~    The longer the better
~    A good 6 inches
~    11cm
~    125mm

9. Which of these is NOT considered to have aphrodisiac qualities.

                ~    Baboon urine
Horny goat weed
Stinky toe
Spanish fly

10.  What fruit was known by the Aztecs as the testicle tree, in their own language of course – ahuacacuauhitl.

                ~    Granadilla
                ~    Papaya
                ~    Avocado
                ~    Soursop

11.  Which herb in Italy is known as "bacia-nicola” which means "kiss me Nicholas?


     ~     Oregano

     ~     Marjoram
     ~     Sage
     ~     Basil

12. Which food did the Talmud say that people, “even women”, should eat on the Sabbath, because it “promotes love and arouses desire”?

                ~     Roast Chicken
                ~     Gefilte Fish
                ~     Garlic
                ~     Locusts

Answers at end of the post.

Bone up on aphrodisiacs in time for Valentine’s Day and find some good ideas for that special dinner with ...  

~   The most 17 most convincing (at least to me) aphrodisiac foods
~   Some background on each one
~   46 recipes plus other delicious ideas of what to do with them
~   A little bit about their nutritional benefits
~   A brief mention of other, seemingly lesser, aphrodisiacs
~   One or two possibly suggestive food photos
~   Some rude comments and, of course,
~   Double entendres.

Going cheap at the moment here ...

~   Answers   ~

                         1.   Almonds
                         2.   Banana
                         3.   Celery
                        4.   Cheese
                        5.   D.H. Lawrence 
– read the poem here
                        6.   Horn shaped
                        7.   Benjamin Franklin
                       8.    6 inches
                       9.    Stinky toe – more about this here
                     10.    Avocado
                     11.     Basil
                     12.    Garlic

How did you do?